Other Troop 555 Eagles this year
Michael Gutierrez
Diego Ahumada
Troop 555 held its mid-summer Pool Party at the city pool on Hohokam Drive, on June 20.  Food was catered from Las Vigas Restaurant and a we celebrated John Bache-Wiig’s 81 birthday at the party.  Advancement and a good time was had by all.
Special Thanks to all Triple-Nickel Scouts who participated in the Memorial Day Service Project,  Bobby B.’S Eagle Project, “The Golfistas” Service Project, the Flag Day Ceremony and Service Project at the Hilltop Gallery.  Lots of Community Service and “Pride in Community”.
Looks Good!!
A special “THANK YOU” goes out to Mr. And Mrs. Badillo of Alex’s Tires for the fund-raising opportunity and donation to Troop 555.  This will greatly help our activities program and is greatly appreciated by all scouts and volunteers.   A Great photo was taken and will be coming out in the Nogales International paper this Tuesday.  You can find this photo on our “Photo of the Week” page.  Good job to all scouts who attended and helped to sell tickets.