Troop 555 Activity Gallery         
“Stuff We Do” is just a short slide presentation showing some of our past activities and does not, in anyway, possibly cover everything we do.
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Triple Nickel Activities Photos



Andres M. Eagle Project 03/29/14

Pack to Troop Cross-Over Ceremony (March 2014)

Chiricahua Mtns Camping Trip (March 2014)

Feb Troop Activities

Dec and Jan Misc Activities

November 2013 Troop Activities

Great Mezikan Cookoff 2013

Veteran’s Day Parade 2013

Tucson Fall Merit Badge Day (11/13)

Pack 555 Double V Campout (Nov 2-3, 2013)

Pumpkin Carving 2013

October 2013 Troop Activities & Miisc

Otis Chidester Museum  555 Color Guard (Sept. 13)

September Canoe Campout at Patagonia Lake (sept 2013)

September 2013 Troop Activities

Troop 301 and Troop 555 Canoe Merit Badge Session (Aug 24, 2013)

August 2013 Troop Activity Photos

July  13 Troop Activities

Camp Lawton (July 2013)

June 2013Troop Activities

Pack 555 Cross-Over/Troop 555 New Scout Induction Ceremony

May 2013 Troop Activities

Memorial Day Ceremony 2013

VFW Scout of the Year (May 2013)

April 2013 Troop Activities

Salt River Whitewater (April 2013)

Pack555 Webelos 5 mile Hike (April 2013)

Rabies Clinic (April 2013)

Sycamore Canyon Hike March 2013

March 2013 Troop Activities

Pack 555 - 576 - 508 Webelos Cookoff

February 2013 Troop Activities

January 2013 Troop Activities

December 2012 Troop Activities

November 2012 Activities

Pumpkin Carving 2012

October Misc Troop Activities

Anza X Trek (Oct 2012)

Otis Chidester Scout Museum Invite (Sept 2012)

Joseph R Eagle Project (Aug 2012)

Louie M. Eagle Project (July 2012)

September 2012 Troop Misc Activities

Double V Camp (Sept 12)

DoubleV Camp (Mtz Photos)

August Meetings and Activities

July Meetings and Activities (July 2012)

Lake Patagonia Campout  (July 2012)

June 2012 Meetings and Activities

Memorial Day 2012

May 2012 Misc Activities

April 2012 Activities

SCC Rabies Clinic (April 2012)

Feb-March  2012Activities

Salt River Whitewater Campout (March 2012)

Pack 555 and Pack 576 Pinewood Derby (Feb 2012)

ANZA-IX Trek (Jan2012)

Jan2012 activities

Dec 2011 Activities

Nov 2011 Activities

Jorge G. Eagle Presentation (Nov 2011)

Oct Misc

Stars and Spurs Colorguard (Oct 2011)

Colorado River Canoe Trip (October 2011)

Sabbar Shrine Circus (Oct 4, 2011)

Troop Activities (September 2011)

Great Mezikan Cookoff 2011 (Sept 2011)

Lake Patagonia Trip ( August 2011)

Troop Activities (August 2011)

Pimaree XXIII (July 2011)

Troop Activities July 2011

Wet ‘n Wild Phoenix Trip (July 2011)

Troop Acitvities June 2011

NYLT 2011

Memorial Day 2011 Ceremony

May 2011 Misc Activities

Camp Lawton Service Project Weekend May (4,15, 2011)

SweetwaterSpring -Gardiner Backpack Trip (May 1, 2011)

March/April 2011 Activities

Pack 261 Service Project at Double V (April 2100)

Santa Cruz Rabies Clinic (March 2011)

Salt River Whitewater Trip (March 2011)

February 2011 Troop Activities

January 2011 Troop Activities

Dec 2010 Troop Activities

Veteran’s Day Parade (Nov.2010)

November 2010 Troop Activity Photos (Updating)

DeAnza XIII Campout (Oct 2010)

October 2010 Activity Photos

Stars and Spurs Color Guard Ceremony (Oct. 2, 2010)

September 2010 Activities

New Scout Induction Camp - Double V (Sept 2010)

2nd Gauntlet 2010  (Aug. 2010)

2010 Jamboree Photos

Troop 555 Summer Program 2010 (Updated Regularly)

Order of the Arrow Ordeal - Camp Lawton (Aug. 2010)

August 2010 Troop Activity Photos

Summer Camp at Camp Lawton (July 11 thru 17 2010)

Lord of War 2010  (June 2010)

Lake Patagonia Canoe Camp (June 2010)

1st Gauntlet of 2010 (June 2010)

Memorial Day Ceremony  (May 2010)

Pack 576 Double V Camp/Cross-Over (May 2010)

Camp Lawton Work Weekend (May 2010)

Great Mezikan Cookoff (May 2010)

Salt River Whitewater Camp (April/May 1020)

Order of Arrow Ordeal (1st) (April 2010)

March and April Activities

Mowry Archery Camp (March 10)

Packs 555, 576 and District  Pinewood Derby (Feb10)

Sunrise Ski Trip (Feb. 2010)

January /February 2010 Activities

2009 Activity Summary (Updated Often)

Nov/Dec 09 Misc Activities

Hot Chocolate Fund Raiser/Tumacacori Service Project (Dec 09)

Tumacacori Mission Clean-up Project (Nov. 09)

Fishing Merit Badge Session #1 (Nov. 09)

AnzaVII  Trek (Nov. 09)

October 2009 Misc Activities

Old Tucson “NightFall” (Oct 09)

Colorado River/Topock Gorge Trip (Oct.09)

Last Canoe Merit Badge Session (Sept. 09)

Double V Induction Campout  (Sept 09)

Aug/Sept Misc and Meetings

July/Aug Eagle Presentations

Pimaree XXII (More Photos to be added) (July 09)

WaterSkiing and H2O Sports MB 4

June/July 09 Summer Activity Photos

Camp Lawton - Mt. Lemmon (June/July)

John Bache-Wiig Welome at TUC

Water Sports & Skiing M.B. Photos

Memorial Day Ceremony (May09)

Flux Canyon and Red Rock Lookout Trip ( May09)

Salt River Whitewater Trip (April 09)

Santa Cruz Pinewood Derby Winners at Scout Expo (March09)

Santa Cruz County Rabies Clinic (March 09)

Fossil Springs Backpack Trip (March 09)

Sycamore Canyon Backpack Trip (March 09)

Santa Cruz District Dinner (Jan09)

P555 -P576-Santa Cruz District Pinewood Derby (Feb09)

Sunrise Park Ski Trip (Feb09)

Sonoita Creek Cave Hike (Jan.09)

2008 YTD, Meeting and Misc. Photos

Parade Fundraiser and Tumacacori Service Camp (Dec 08)

Troop Sponsored November 08 Citizenship Activities

Pima Air Museum-River Road BikeTrip and

Double V Fall Break Campout (Oct08)

Puerto Penasco Oceanography and Beach Camp (Sept 08)

Lord of War 2008 (Aug 08)

Fossil Springs/Montezuma Well (July 08)

Grand Canyon Trip (July08)

June Swim Tests and Pool Party

Summer 2008

The Gauntlet (May 08)

Pack 576 Grand Canyon Trip (May 08)

Memorial Day 08

SaltRiver Whitewater (Mayer Pics) (April 08)

Salt River Whitewater (Martinez Pics) (April 08)

Cross-Over Campout (April 08)

Pack 555, Pack 576, District Pinewood Derby 08 (Mar. 08)

Sunrise Ski Trip (Feb 08)

2007 Meeting and Misc. Photos

MMM End of Year 2007 Dinner

O A Brotherhood Weekend at Double V Scout Ranch ( Dec 07)

31st Annual Tumacacori Service Project (Dec 07)

Troop 555 Hosts  Den 1 and Den 8 at the Hidden Cave (Nov. 07)

Troop and Pack 555 Fall Camp at Double V Scout Ranch  (Nov) 07)

(More photos under Den 4 and Den 8 page in Cubs Corners)

Black Canyon/Topock Canoe Trip  (Oct 07)

September  Photos

Outdoor Ethnic Food Cookoff (Sept 07)

5th Session w/T1829 also (Aug 07)

Canoe MB Session #4 (Aug 07)

R A Water - 555 Style (Aug 07)

Summer 2007 (updated weekly)

John BW_Marla L. Pool Party (June 07)

LORD OF WAR (June 07)

555 Water Gauntlet (May 07)

Memorial Day (May 07)

555 Crash Victims for EMT Tests (May 07)

Great Mexican Cookoff (May 07)

Camp Lawton Service Project Campout (April 07)

Big Chuys Golf Tournament Service Project (April 07)

Troop Camp and Pack 555 Webelos II Crossover (Mar/Apr 2007)

Rabies Clinic Service Project (Mar07)

Pack555, Pack576, Santa Cruz District Pinewood Derby-Sponsored by T555 (Mar07)

(2nd Sunrise Ski Trip Feb 07)

Sunrise Ski Trips ( Feb 2007)

Hidden Cave with Mexico Scout Grupo 11 (Jan 2007)

District Dinner  (Jan 2007)

Misc. 2006 Activity and Meeting Photos

Mt Hopkins - Fred Whipple Observatory Trip (Dec. 06)

Tumacacori Service Project Camp and Christmas Parade Photos (Dec 06)

Mowry Flats Campout (November 06)

San Carlos SCUBA Trip Oct. 06 (Steve, Ken, Rene, Jose Photos) (Large File)

Troop SCUBA Class Photos (Aug-Sept 2006)

Double V Scout Ranch Campout (Sept 06)

Sycamore Canyon Hike (Sept 06)

Order of the Arrow Ordeal (Sept 06)

Iron Chef Cook-off

4th of July Celebration 2006

Alex’s Tires Boxing Venue June 2006

Pool Party June 2006

Cancer Relay for Life June 2006

Memorial Day Ceremony and "The Crack"  May 2006

Bobby B. Eagle Service Project May 2006

Pinewood Derby Race for Pack 555 March 2006

Annual Sunrise Park Ski Trip March 2006

Rabies Clinic March 2006

Aliso Canyon Survival Camp

Sycamore Canyon Backpack Trip

Mowry Flats Campout January 2006

B. Brubaker Golf Tournament November 2005

Cycling Merit Badge – 15 Miler Nov. 2005

Rocky Point Mx. Beach Campout and Oceanography  MB  October 2005

Canoe Merit Badge Session September 2005

Archery Merit Badge Session September 2005

Emergency Prep MB Meeting

Island Evacuation Campout July 2005

Salt River Canyon Whitewater Raft Trip May 2005

Sunrise Ski Trip March 2005

Misc. 2005 Activity and Meeting Photos

Havasupai BackPack Trip

Black Canyon Canoe Trip

Cave of the Bells and Hidden Cave Photos

Pack 555 Camp

Dive Classes

San Carlos Troop Dive Trip

2004 HighLites

2003 Highlites

2002 Highlites

2001 Highlites

2000 Highlites

1999 Highlites

1997 and 1998Highlites

Before 1997