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Andrew thinks something stinks Bus Ride Back 1 Caught Kenny Snoozin if we can fit 1 more crab in there... Ivan is doing pullups John and Giancarlo waiting for the ambush Black Canyon from the dam Help me they have taken me hostage At the window where cold air came up your legs Better shot of the last day BLCn in the AM bru2 bru5 bru6 Cave shot Dad and son Suarez Daniel checks out the bus Darren is outta there Double Trouble 02 Esteban and Armando on the break Flashing signs Giancarlo and the Kikster Good Meal Hot Springs Canyon Ivan Saul and Armando in the Dam Low water level shows intakes at Hoover Mr Larriva caught snoozin Robby and Manny in the cave at Black Canyon Tired Scouts at Leatherbys2 to the cave Water Park 02 WNW  Der Stuka
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