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4 belayers 1 climber watch this everyone MVC01273 MVC01274 Winning patrols final quesadilla MVC01237 MVC01238 MVC01263 Armandos Board Davids Board Mr Martinez is flag man Darren skis Diego on 2 skis Rene on slalom Happy Skier David Oscar is a woooss David Driver Rene Drives Pierre Boarding GianCarlos waiting his turn Andrew learned how to ski Darren and his instructor Brothers Dont pull in Andrew! Twins Diego and Andrew Diegos Roostertail Darren and Diego Skiing Hi and dry Rene cant decide which one to use Pierre_ Flash_on the board Darren picks up skiing the very first time Darrens good side GianCarlo Hangin 10 Andrew on the Wboard Armando wipes out estebans instruction Armando is ready to go next Alex goes for it Andrew thinks something stinks Armando says somethings wrong with Dannys fingers Black Canyon from the dam Sign now up at Black Canyon Wet N wild from Der Stuka wnw John being spit out bru1 bru2 bru4 bru6 Cave shot Double Trouble 02 Esteban and Armando on the break Flashing signs Good Meal Ivan Saul and Armando in the Dam Mr Martinez at the spitter WNW from the top of DER STUKA WnW looking the other way WNW Royal Flush Bobby and Kenny on the sand flats Diego in Cold Water
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